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Web developer / Musician / Drifter
Boulder, CO Aug 08, 2020
I have been working on a series of portraits on white exploring the techniques used by Richard Avedon during his time creating the work of “In the American West”. But, doing everything myself, I found that I was losing the connection with the people I was photographing. I modified the Graflex to mount a DSLR and monitor so that I could stand next to the camera and direct without having to disappear into the hood.
When I went out with it later that day, I found a man wandering a field, looking agitated. I asked if he was alright and he said he wasn’t. His cat Dreamer had left their tent the night before and was now lost in an area full of snakes and hawks.
We met up later that day to make so that I could take his portrait. He brought out his guitar and I photographed him as he sat on the wall tuning it and again on the white. After 20 minutes he left, but he reached back out a few days later to let me know that Dreamer had returned and is doing just fine.

September 15, 2020