Matthew DeFeo  ·  Stillwater

In Stillwater, I explore my connection to the metal scene through wet plate collodion portraits of musicians. The perception of the hard rock community to the general public can be somewhat biased. A number of people might dismiss the genre all together because of its aggressive nature. However, for me the shows became a place of universal acceptance and appreciation for the passion put into the raw live performances. In a way Stillwater is a self-reflection of what this group of people has done for me. It is a process in which I can give back to this community of people who have helped shape aspects of my life, and identity through the special love for this music.

Wet plate collodion is an antiquated image making process that became the medium of choice for this body of work. Labor intensive, and unforgiving, this workflow leaves no room for error. In turn, I  use this to my advantage to create a formality between photographer and subject. This sense of preciousness of process establishes a collaboration to create a lasting portrait and document of each individual that takes part in the community of metal.

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